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Compare rates of our lending affiliates or use our loan refinance calculator to see how you could save money. Get your personalized rates in a few minutes from our multiple lending partners through a single straightforward application using our "Get my rates" platform with no impact on your credit score.

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Refi.me’s founder and CEO is Bill Staib. Bill also founded CollegeRaptor.com, which helps over 7 million students and parents make smarter, more affordable college choices each year. Bill is an information technology entrepreneur with over 20 years experience starting and growing data-based companies. After multiple successful ventures in financial services, online commerce, and manufacturing, he focused his efforts on using data to solve challenges facing higher education. Bill has five kids and a foster daughter, with four in college — helping them all find the right colleges that fit their individual needs (and figuring out the best way to pay for all of it) was the initial motivation for starting both College Raptor and Refi.me.

The Board of Directors is led by Dr. Richard Ferguson, a higher education innovator best known for serving 22 years as the CEO and Chairman of ACT, where he grew the company to its current position as the most-taken college entrance exam in the United States.

The rest of the team and the Advisory Board have deep experience in higher education and finance and include former directors of enrollment at major universities, vice chancellors of university systems, and former United States acting Secretary of Education, and financial advisors for banks.

The Refi.me team is always here to help you