Requirements For Parent PLUS Loan Refinance

Parent PLUS loans are a type of federal education loan that’s made out only to parents of undergraduate students. Students themselves cannot apply for these loans although the funds are being used towards their college costs. ...

by Staff on October 27 2021

How To Decide On A Fixed Or Variable Rate Loan For Refinance

When refinancing loans, you can choose between a fixed-rate loan and a variable-rate loan. Both of these work differently. The type of loan you choose will have a considerable impact on how much you pay in interest over the loan term. Neither loan type is the best option for all ...

by Staff on October 21 2021

How to Handle Parent PLUS Loan Debt

A Parent PLUS loan is a type of federal student loan. What sets it apart from other federal student loans is that students themselves cannot apply for this loan. Parent PLUS loans are only available to parents of students enrolled at least half-time in an eligible program. These ...

by Staff on October 21 2021

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