What Is A Good Refinance Rate For Student Loans?

There is no one refinance rate that is considered good for all borrowers. Lenders offer borrowers personalized refinance rates based on their financial circumstances. A good refinance rate for you is any rate that’s lower than what you’re currently ...

by Refi.me Staff on December 2 2020

How Does Your Credit Score Impact Your Ability To Refinance Your Student Loans?

Refinancing involves paying off high-interest loans and taking on new loans with lower interest rates. Before any lender approves of such a transaction, they will first want to assess the risk factor. Will their money be safe with you? Can they trus ...

by Refi.me Staff on December 2 2020

What Is A Good Debt-to-Income Ratio For Student Loan Refinancing?

The debt-to-income ratio (DTI) is one of two key factors that affect your ability to qualify for student loan refinancing. The other is your credit score. With a credit score, the higher your score, the better your chances of getting qualified for a ...

by Refi.me Staff on December 2 2020

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