5 Tips To Pay Off Credit Cards

Credit cards make life so much easier for us, but only if they are used responsibly. Unfortunately, the ability to purchase on credit can often tempt us to buy more than we can afford. This can have disastrous consequences if you cannot afford to pay your outstanding bills on tim ...

by Refi.me Staff on March 25 2021

How To Refinance A Parent PLUS Loan

Parent PLUS loans are educational loans taken out by the parents on behalf of their student. It makes sense to refinance these loans at the earliest convenience for two reasons. The first is to by Refi.me Staff on March 16 2021

FAQs About Student Loan Refinance

When it comes to finances, many people have questions. Students and recent graduates, especially, are learning how to manage their money and deal with their debts. It makes sense, therefore, that they would have many questions surrounding student loan refinancing. Here we'll disc ...

by Refi.me Staff on March 12 2021

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