What Information Is Needed For Refinance Application Approval?

The refinancing process is similar to that of taking on a brand new loan. When you apply for refinancing, you’ll need to provide certain just as you did when you applied for your current loan. Some of the information will need to be supported by the relevant documents. Lenders as ...

by Refi.me Staff on July 16 2021

Questions To Ask When Choosing A Student Loan Refinance Lender

Looking to refinance your student loans? You'll need to choose a lender. Refinance lenders vary considerably in terms of eligibility requirements, interest rates, penalties, and every other aspect. Asking these questions when choosing a student loan refinance lender will increase ...

by Refi.me Staff on July 16 2021

What Does It Cost to Refinance Student Loans?

If you want to refinance your student loans to get a better interest rate or different repayment terms, you may be wondering about the costs of doing so. Thankfully, there are very few if any fees related to actually refinancing your student loans. Here’s what ...

by Refi.me Staff on July 14 2021

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