The Benefits Of Releasing A Cosigner (When You’re Able)

by Staff on June 22 2021

Private lenders require borrowers to meet certain eligibility criteria to qualify for a loan. Most lenders will only approve your application if you have a high credit score, low credit utilization, and steady income. If you don’t meet these requirements, the only way to get approved is by applying with a cosigner. A cosigner can be anyone who meets the lender’s criteria.

How Cosigning Works

When you apply for a loan with a cosigner, the lender checks the cosigner’s credit score, credit utilization ratio, and monthly income. If they meet the lender’s requirements, you will be approved for a loan. The lender holds the cosigner and beneficiary equally responsible for the loan payments. If you miss a payment or default on the payments, the lender will ask your cosigner to make the payments. Meanwhile, both credit scores – yours and the cosigners – will get damaged by the late payment. The cosigner is responsible for the loan till it is completely paid off. Alternately, you can release the cosigner from the loan.

How To Release A Cosigner From A Loan

You cannot simply remove a cosigner’s name from a loan whenever you feel like it. The only way to release a cosigner from a loan is by refinancing that loan. When you apply for refinancing with a cosigner release, the lender will first check your financial credentials. Your application will only be approved if you meet the lender’s qualifying requirements. Only you can request a cosigner release. The cosigner cannot do this.

What Are The Benefits Of Releasing A Cosigner?

So you know you can release a cosigner but should you? Generally, if you qualify for cosigner release, it’s a good idea to go ahead. It’s beneficial for both you and the cosigner.

The benefit for the cosigner is obvious. Cosigning a loan is risky for the cosigner. If you default on the loan, they’ll pay the price. Their credit score will take a hit and they’ll pay more on any loans they take in the future. Besides the lender will expect them to make any outstanding payments. A cosigner release frees the cosigner from any responsibility regarding the loan. They’ll have nothing more to do with the loan. They also won’t need to worry anymore about whether or not you’re up to date with your payments.

Releasing your cosigner is beneficial for you too. In rare cases, if your cosigner dies or files for bankruptcy, the loan will go into auto default and become due immediately. Another more significant benefit of cosigner release is that it will erase any stress in your relationship caused by the loan. Neither of you will have to worry any longer about the implications of the shared debt.

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