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Student Loan Refinance

Year In Review – Refinancing for Student Loans

Refinancing For Student Loans: How It Works

Refinancing is a popular solution among students looking for a way to change the terms of their loan. This is done through private lenders who have their own requirements that you’ll need to meet to get approval. If you’re ...

by Staff on December 9 2021

Student Loan Refinance

5 Things to Consider When Refinancing Your Student Loans

Refinancing is the process of replacing one or all of your existing student loans for a new loan. This is generally a great option for anyone looking to renegotiate the terms of their current loans, however, as with any financial decision, you should know the facts first. Dependi ...

by Staff on December 8 2021

Student Loan Refinance

3 Signs You Should Increase Your Monthly Loan Payments

Two factors go into determining your monthly payments – your interest rate and the loan term. These are set when you take the loan and they remain unchanged until the debt is cleared off completely. However, if your financial circumstances change and you want to change the term ...

by Staff on November 5 2021

Student Loan Refinance

How To Qualify For Public Student Loan Forgiveness

Public Service Loan Forgiveness (PSLF) is a federal program. It’s designed to forgive the outstanding stude ...

by Staff on November 3 2021

Student Loan Refinance

How To Compare Student Loan Refinance Lenders

Student loan refinance can be a smart strategy if you want to change the original terms of your loan. Regardless of why you’re looking to refinance, the first thing to ...

by Staff on October 28 2021

Student Loan Refinance

Should You Refinance Student Loans Sooner Or Later?

There’s no one right answer that’s right for everybody. It depends on the type of loan you have and your credit score. You’ll benefit by refinancing your student loans sooner under these 3 circumstances:

#1 Your Credit Has Improved

Your interest rate is ...

by Staff on October 27 2021

Student Loan Refinance

How To Decide On A Fixed Or Variable Rate Loan For Refinance

When refinancing loans, you can choose between a fixed-rate loan and a variable-rate loan. Both of these work differently. The type of loan you choose will have a considerable impact on how much you pay in interest over the loan term. Neither loan type is the best option for all ...

by Staff on October 21 2021

Student Loan Refinance

The Pros And Cons Of 15-Year Student Loan Refinance Term Length

The refinancing process is in many ways similar to the process involved in taking out a new loan. The only difference is when you refinance, you are trading one loan for another. While the lender sets your interest rate based on your credit score, they will allow you to choose yo ...

by Staff on October 20 2021

Student Loan Refinance

6 Reasons To Refinance Your Student Loans

Student loan repayments can be overwhelming. You have to set aside a large sum of money every month to cover the repayments. This can lock up a major portion of your income, leaving only limited cash for other purposes. If you have more than one lo ...

by Staff on October 20 2021

Student Loan Refinance

Can I Refinance Student Loans With A Credit Score Of 680?

Did you know that 680 is around the average credit score in America (according to VantageScore)? It's considered a "good" score. 650 to 680 is also generally the minimum credit score requirement that most lenders set for refinancing student loans. So ...

by Staff on October 18 2021

Student Loan Refinance